Rotor Concept

H P Q 1


Rotor Concept’s LiveStreamer (LS1) with autopilot and remote start/stop recording from it’s on-board camera. FPV technology puts you in the cockpit with the on-board
camera feeding 720p live video back (up to 1,500 feet) to the radio which has a built-in 3.5” video screen so you can fly from the aircraft's point of view. Rotor Concept’s
LS1 is a great way to begin flying with FPV technology. Comes almost ready to fly. Just plug the wings together, glue on the tail, charge the batteries and its ready to go!
Controller operates up to 2,500 feet distance. Flight time varies depending on wind environment (~15-30 mins). Able to lift 3 ounce payload (example: a GoPro HD
Hero 3 camera) Possible applications include law enforcement, public events, private investigations, film and entertainment productions, real estate/property surveys

Package includes:
LS1 airplane with built-in camera & 5.8 GHz transmitter module, hobby glue bottle, propeller,, 2.4 GHz Radio with 3.5” LCD, 7.4v 450 mAh Li-Po battery, balance charger,and user manual.

H P Q 1


Videos coming soon!

H P Q 1

Retail $899

LS1 Retail $399


Documents coming soon!


EPO Fuselage $29.95

Wing Set $19.95

Elevator/Stabilizer $9.95

Vertical fin/Rudder $9.95

Brushless Motor $29.95

6A ESC $49.95

4CH mix Receiver $39.95

Camera PCB Module $49.95

Camera Module $49.95

Battery $39.95

Servo Line $9.95

Pushrod $12.95

Propeller Set $9.95

Servo Plastic Kit $14.95

4GB SD Card $9.95

LCD Shield Hood $19.95

Servo $21.95

Transmitter w/LCD Screen $119.95

FPV Goggles $179.95

LS1 Plane Only
(with all built-in electronics & propeller / no battery) $179.95