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H P Q 2


Fully assembled and 100% Ready to Fly.
HPQ-2 is the larger version of the HPQ-1.
The HPQ-2 quadcopter is a foldable and comes with a 28x8.5x8.5 inch metal carrying case.
HPQ-2 is capable of carrying up to 3lbs payload.

Possible applications:
Real estate, rooftop inspection, private investigation, law enforcement, sporting events, etc.,

Built in safety features
1) Loss of RC signal
a. In case of RC signal not being detected during flight, the aircraft will enter the
security protection mode (SPM)
b. In SPM, the aircraft will emit a long “b-e-e-e-e-p” tone intermittently.
c. The aircraft will not fly until an RC signal is received from the controller.
2) Start-up throttle protection
a. During power up, if your radio throttle stick is not in the lowest position (zero
throttle), The SPM will be activated.
b. In this state, the aircraft will not respond to any command until the throttle stick
is placed in the lowest position.
3. In-flight Protection during RC signal loss
a. If RC signal is lost or interrupted while in flight, the aircraft will immediately self
land and an intermittent beep tone will also be emitted.
b. When RC signal is regained, thsi protection will be deactivated and the aircraft
can continue flying
4. Low battery protection
a. Upon detecting low battery, the aircraft will beep intermittently while still flying.
b. Please land as soon as possible and replace battery.
c. If this warning is ignored, the aircraft wll slowly power down and self land. You
still have flight control during this time, but not throttle control.

Technical Parameters:
Motor to motor - 610mm (diagonal distance between two motor centers)
Propellers - 12 inch frontal and versa professional props
Battery - Standard 1P LiPo 4S 4250MAh 25C (flight time 15 minutes)
Recommended payload - 3lbs.
Flight distance - Within visible area (recommended)
Flight time - 15 minutes using Standard LiPo 4S 4250MAh 25C battery

Package includes:
HPQ-2 (fully assembled)
Metal Case
2pc. Li-Po Battery
Camera Mount
Balance Charger
6-channel radio controller (2.4GHz spread spectrum)

H P Q 2


HPQ2 Demo video 01  

HPQ2 Demo video 02  

HPQ2 Demo video 03  

H P Q 2

HPQ2 Retail $1,795
(Temporarily out of stock)


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HPQ-2 Manual 01/03
HPQ-2 Manual 02/03
HPQ-2 Manual 03/03


Standard Rotors (4pc)
Rotor Shaft (1pc)
Rotor Cap (1pc)
Motor (1pc)
Motor Fixing Piece (1pc)
Motor Locking Screw (3pc)
Cross Arm (1pc)
Standard Li-po Battery
Camera Mount
Li-po Battery Charger
FC (1pc)
Out of Stock
ESC (1pc) for 2 motors
Out of Stock
Skid Landing Set
Velcro Battery Straps (2pc)